Richard Bach

The Stepmother's Diary


Sappho was so happy when she married Gavin. But she hadn't considered his daughter, Isobel. Isobel is a delightful, charming girl who spends her school holidays caring for the elderly and who is the apple of Gavin's eye. Now cast in the role of Wicked Stepmother, Sappho tries all she can to befriend Isobel and find her place in the new family. It's not easy, but no one had promised it would be. Sappho perseveres. But she has a history, and the history works against her. When it becomes clear that Isobel is stealing Gavin's love and attention, Sappho must fight for his affection. But how can she win her husband back? With warmth, wit and her unique insights into the workings of the female mind, Fay Weldon has written a brilliant, unsettling new novel about family life today. (Huom. kirja on englanninkielinen)

Tiedostomuoto: Äänikirja (MP3, vesileimattu)
Kategoria: Books in English
Kirjailija: Richard Bach
Lukija: Jan Francis
Kustantaja: BBC
Äänikirjan julkaisuvuosi: 2009
Kirjan pituus: 8h 30min
Äänitiedostojen määrä: 19
Koko yhteensä (zip): 475Mt
ISBN: 978-1-4084-3834-3