Rebecca Savage

Guard My Body


Nash, a CIA agent, will do everything in his power to keep anything like 9-11 from happening again. Ayden, a librarian and the sister of a CIA agent, Leigh, one of Nash’s partners, steps up. The team needs help in the form of someone that no one will suspect of carrying top secret information. Ace, Nash’s other partner, inserts a microchip in Ayden’s mouth. She meets Nash at a seedy biker bar. All hell breaks loose. A mole has infiltrated the ranks of CIA. The race to stop the bombs from being placed in several schools full of rich kids of important American people begins.

Tension sparks and sexual passion flares. Danger looms around every corner, but Nash and Ayden find time to fall in lust and love. They’ll fight to the last man – or woman – to protect their people. Nash refuses to lose anything, especially her.

Tiedostomuoto: E-kirja (EPUB, ei DRM-suojausta)
Kategoriat: Books in English / Erotic Literature, Books in English / Romance ja Books in English / Suspense
Kirjailija: Rebecca Savage
Kustantaja: Double Dragon Publishing
E-kirjan julkaisuvuosi: 2011
Sivumäärä: 215
ISBN: 9781554047260