Jarkko Sipilä

Helsinki Homicide: Vengeance


Helsinki Homicide: The Story Continues From The Author of the 2009 Winner of the Best Finnish Crime Novel.

Tapani Larsson, a Finnish crime boss, walks out of prison with one thought on his mind: Vengeance. Wanting to reclaim his gang's honor and avenge those who have wronged him, Larsson targets Suhonen, the undercover detective who put him in prison. Meanwhile, Suhonen's best friend, an ex-con himself, wants to wash his hands of crime, but in the process, is driven deeper into it. With the help of his boss, Lieutenant Takamäki, and the National Bureau of Investigation, Suhonen hunts for the loose thread that could unravel the entire gang. But with every string he pulls, he flirts with death itself.

Helsinki Homicide: Vengeance is another thrilling read from Sipila. It is the second of his books to be translated into English. The first, Helsinki Homicide: Against the Wall, won the 2009 Finnish Crime Novel of the Year Award.

Jarkko Sipila is a Finnish author and journalist. He has been reporting on Finnish crime for 20 years, has written 11 books, and co-wrote a TV series based on the Takamäki books.

Reviewed by Peter Ohlsoon of Scandinavianbooks dot com: "I loved it. Vengeance is suspenseful, exciting, fast paced, and written in a crisp style, full of cynicism and dark humor. It simply doesn't get any better than this. An excellent book, strongly recommended."

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Kirjailija: Jarkko Sipilä
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