Carrie S. Masek

When Carrie was little, she loved her grandmother’s fairy tales. She grew up believing in flying carpets, talking animals and living happily ever after. She still does; only now -- nearly fifty years later -- she’s the one telling the stories.

A Dragon’s Tail started as a bedtime story, a tale about a runaway baby who toddles into a dragon’s lair and bites the dragon on the tail. Carrie’s children all enjoyed the absurdity of a toddler scaring a fire-breathing monster, but Bill loved the story so much that he made up continuing adventures for the boy and the dragon. Over the years, Carrie and Bill worked together on the stories and the result is their novel, A Dragon’s Tail. Carrie hopes fantasy lovers will enjoy reading the story as much as she and Bill enjoyed writing it.

Carrie lives in a comfortably messy house on Chicago’s North Shore. Contributing to the chaos are her husband, four children and a ditzy dog named Chopper.