D.L. Narrol

D.L. (Dianne) Narrol was born in Toronto, Canada. She was the kid who wrote the lengthy short stories in school and wrote in her journal everyday. She would fantasize of travel and venturing abroad. Her dream was to someday write the great epic novel that involved something historic, and something geographical.

She attended the University of London, (UK) and the University of Nagoya, (Japan). She taught English As a Second Language to a class of physicists in Kiev, Ukraine. She ventured to Russia and Europe, spent several summers in Ireland and the U.K., she spent the summer of 2009 in Vietnam. She has an M.A. in Urban Social Geography and teaches Geography at a secondary school in inner city Toronto.

Her first novel, Prehistoric Journey: The First Expeditions was published by DDP in 2009, where an unfitting time traveler ventures ten thousand years to the past, to find if Megaloceros giganteus was sexually selected against, which led to its extinction. Author’s Exchange interviewed her in January 2010 regarding her first novel. Also, her story Kate’s Choice - The Caledon Collection (Giant Beaver Publications) was released at a book launch and signing in November 2009. She has been a member of The Romance Writers of America since 2006, and she is also a member of epicauthors.com. Learn more at www.dlnarrol.com.